The “EuRoFlag” project, technically speaking, has two components: digital print and video projection; they cover, as a matching pair, specific stylistic spaces. The unity is given by minimalism, emphasizing the ludic aspect. It was created around January 1, 2007, a date which marks the Romanian adhesion to the European Union.
    Our metavisual discourse connects socio-political discourse and cultural anthropology.
    Our stars are an obvious reference to the European Communion flag, “overloaded with symbolic reference: on an azure field, a circle of golden stars. The circle is the expression of unity, while the twelve stars symbolize both the diversity and the equality of member states… In spite of its hardly clear effectiveness in terms of evoking, the flag is still very much present in our consciuousness”.
    In our representation, the stars describe a circular movement, devouring one another; the movement is resumed and the circle is rebuilt. The star is associated to a fanged, devouring animal, an aggressor. Elements of bestiary, astrology and behavioral psychology are thus reunited. The aggression, the attack, the “fanged star” hostility, the destabilization of order may imply active negation, causing inevitable transformation in order to remove obstacles and restore order.
    Again, meaning registers function on double, polar tracks: paradigm and couterparadigm, “fragmentary multiplicity”; on the one hand, we appeal to a rhythmic game of cycle and regeneration, on the other hand, we do not exclude the destructive aspect as a part of regeneration.

    2META, Bucharest, 2005