Meta Stars

    The “META Stars” project is comprised of digital prints in which a well-known heraldic symbol – the five-pointed star – is used throughout a wide array of visual contexts.
    The stars – visual schemes coming out of the universe of heraldics – inhabit our vocabulary as obsessive images; they are one of those image acts that come back in the shape of visual patterns. By assaulting the immediate imaginary, the stars are spread within registers of very broad meaning: they intertwine amongst images, they enter their internal or contextual structure, they hide behind them, they show themselves to the viewer unexpectedly; in short, they obsessively invade our imaginary.
    Many times an act of transfer has already been operated on them and as result, they denote anxieties, fears, abysses, but also projection and hope.
    The act of investiture reveals how “loaded” these symbolic representations become. They are seen as “ideal objects”, as mental objects, as possible sources of protection, satisfaction, etc. The energy of investiture, with recent and less recent history as support, makes possible the crossing from the visual field to the political field both ways, while the historicization of the experience of the political imaginary does not stop here.
    No matter whether the stars, as acts of obsessive image, are loaded with positive or negative energy, whether their representations are attributable to day’s or night’s realm, whether they are solar or fearsome, whether belonging to myth or history – the force, the strength of this investiture is pressure enough to be taken into consideration and be integrated in the visual conscience field of the visual discourse as a whole.
    The pressure originating in this acts of obsessive image modulates, transforms, and modifies the entire visual discourse with a rather ludic emphasis instead of a dramatic one, within a communicability flow.

     2META, Bucharest, 2006