Realism After Realism

    “Realism after Realism” is a series of post-media paintings and digital prints. It was the core of a 2META+ exhibition (with Radu Pervolovici as a guest).
    What is “Realism after Realism” about?
    It could be about container architecture and container urbanism; about people from Romania working all over the world, living in ghetto-like conditions on construction sites, living a container-life, sending money back home in order to have oversized, dream houses built, in which all too often no one even lives.
    It could be about the container-trailer migrating under the most unexpected circumstances to a paradise of expectations and projections.
    It could be about the nomad urbanism of container-trailers, about dreams, expectations, projections, paradise, realism, surrealism, about the realism following the socialist realism…
    It could be about recovering, rediscovering, reinventing, about re-reading the present and acceptance of the recent past, about continuity.
    It could be about recovering our own history (and by ours we mean Central and Eastern European art histories), about re-contextualizing, re-branding our canon, that of the socialist realism – an aesthetic formula established as a norm, the descendant of social art. From this point of view, it is retro-realism we are talking about (the use of old techniques and models for new purposes).
    Last but not least, it could be a second or third degree realism, that is, metarealism.
    A form of realism with a different form of realism as a starting point.
    Realism after Realism, after Realism, After…
     2META+, Bucharest, 2011