A meta-discourse on VERNISSAGE

    VERNISSAGE, as a meta-discourse, includes a multitude and variety of voices, discourses – be they visual, theoretical, narrative, logical, linguistic etc. – that are most times almost parallel.
    Every 10 minutes dozens of exhibitions take place in the world, with dozens of voices, each saying something; there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of visual and linguistic speeches every day and if we had the power to capture them, to “catch” all of them, we would watch dozens of exhibitions simultaneously.
    As we are unable to simultaneously access VERNISSAGES, we opted for a collage of images and critical discourses, with the purpose of “recycling” pre-existing images.
    Visual META-discourse is not placed above. It is integrated in the text. In the visual text. We are all part of this great visual DNA.
    In the past, our meta-discourse was aimed at the EXHIBITION, and proposed, alternatively, the term of IMPOSITION, or MUSEUM, the institution as such; by VERNISSAGE, the stereotyped “toolkit” of our visual habits is questioned once again.
    Is it necessary in contemporary art to change the “object around us” or do we first need to overcome our stereotype visual habits and “to transform human relationships”, to establish “new subjectivities”, “new intersections between people”1?

    “We invite you to VERNISSAGE, and
    Declare the exhibition open”