The work is an interactive projection which belongs to the “Disembodied eyes” series, in which the visual strategies are centred on the viewer.
    Hundreds of closed eyes are projected on a touch screen, and the viewer can activate them by a simple gesture; they will open, one by one, depending on his motion. The moment the motion stops, the eyes close in their turn.
    As a mediator between viewer and subject, between watching and being watched, the observer and the observed, the eyes’ image is regarded rather as visual pattern, a tool for thinking, visual communication.
    The viewer plays an active role in producing the images, and the eyes which open therefore become an image of his active view, emphasizing the individuality, the subject, the sousveillance. If by surveillance we understand the art of watching over the activities of persons or groups from a position of higher authority, sousveillance doesn’t longer transform the individual into a target, a victim, a person who’s being watched; the viewer and the user are those who create, select, activate the images.
    The immediate surroundings may become myspaces, an interactive virtual environment.
    As a metaphor of visual strategies and tools of visual communication, of what we see and what we don’t see, our physical eye, sensitive to a very narrow interval of luminous radiations frequencies, may be rather regarded as a tool for thinking.
    “We cannot claim we can see without our eyes, but neither can we claim that our eyes see.” (Fichte)