All my devices are bio

    Biofilic Design

    As a way of designing artistic space and constructed space, biophilic design instinctively structures, as biological inclination to create associations with natural systems and processes, operating a “transfer” of the living, of that possessing life, to everything around us, be it natural or man-made environment.
    The project All my devices are bio that took place in Apatin (Serbia), in 2001, literally describes this ”transfer“, by infusing blood, from artist to rubber tires.
    The other project, Imperative sentence, an oxgen pump, associated, in a similar vein, the material leftovers resulting from stone carving with the portrait of each sculptor who took part in the symposium. They were directly related (through a complicated tubular installation) with fish in an aquarium.
    Biophilic design transfers a biologic pattern of the artist, that can be found where you least expects it, on a meta symbolic level.

    2 META, Apatin 2001­­­